Benefits of Cycling

Benefits of the Project

  • Environment friendly pollution less transport
  • A solution to global warming
  • An ideal transport during CWG 2010 to show the world, how India cares for global warming
  • Helps commuters to keep fit
  • Saves millions of rupees paid on petrol subsidy annually
  • Less private vehicles on the roads
  • Cheapest public transport
  • Less burden on Metro Parkings
  • Increased Metro Rider ship
  • No annual subsidy burden on government to run a public transport
Further we are herewith describing savings on petrol

As per the recent survey conducted by Hindustan Times there are 9.5 lac commuters who use Metro Service daily. If we consider only 5% of total commuters who may use cycle feeder service instead of their private vehicles i e 47,500 commuters for to and fro that will generate 95,000 trips in a day. Each commuter would cover a distance of minimum of 1 km on each trip then 95,000 Kilometer distance will be covered through this service.

Now we comes to fuel savings on these trips: If we consider that 70% commuters are using two-wheeler and 30% using four wheeler then per day savings by two wheelers are 1330 liters of petrol and 2375 liters of petrol by four wheelers that results to saving of 3705 liters of petrol daily and 13,52,325 liters of petrol annually. It is assumed here that a two-wheeler gives a mileage of 50 Kms per liter and four-wheeler gives 12 Kms per liter.

We are confident that this will become cheapest Public Transport model made ever.
No wonder if the project implemented in Hi Tech mode, success is sure.

Looking forward to work together towards making
Cleaner and Greener Dilli - Hamari Dilli